Flexible and scalable API focused integration for Keolis

An API focused integration solution enables Keolis to flexibly scale up and down its IT support for function and performance.

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Keolis information flows with API focused integration

A unified API-focused solution enables Keolis to quickly scale up and down its IT support for functionality and performance.

The results Keolis achieves with Entiros as integration partner and API-focused integration are:

  • Increased operational reliability for information flows
  • A flexible and scalable integration solution
  • 20-50% lower development and operating costs
The journey so far with Entiros as our integrationpartner has been both structured and very positive. We have a vision of our integration solution to become the information hub for the whole of Keolis. Entiros makes it possible for us.
Otto Dyberg - CIO, Keolis

Learn how Entiros deliver API focused integration for Keolis

Read about the collaboration between Keolis and Entiros and what steps were taken to enable Keolis to quickly and efficiently scale up or down operations when procurement is received or lost.